Shiro Alga Carta began life as a way to use the damaging algal blooms of the Venice lagoon. Today this concept has been extended to other fragile marine areas.

Printing and finishing recommendations

Inks: To ensure good drying, Shiro papers should be printed with oxidizing inks, preferably new and undiluted.Thedrying process can be slightly accelerated by adding extra desiccant.

Blankets: For a good graphic impression, use compressible blankets.

Screens: For the offset printing process a screen value of 150 lpi is recommended. For dry offset printing this canbe slightly higher, for example 200 lpi. For heavier graphic elements and higher densities, sufficient powder shouldbe applied.

Drying Time: Allow 24 hours drying time after printing.

Finishing: Prescoring is recommended for board weights and when folding against the grain direction.

Printability and Runnability: Every method of printing, embossing, punching, die cutting, creasing, laminatingand UV varnishing is possible.